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  1. Bonkerbid Competiton

    Bonkerbid has just launched the 100th User Competition

    Win £10 Card!

    Our 100th Registered member gets £10 gift Card.

    At the moment we have 87 Registered Users, the person who becomes the 100th user will get the gift card

    To Register CLICK HERE

    Hope you all take part.

    More competition Coming soon!
  2. There are 4 days left before we launch the new auction CashForPenny.

    We are glad to inform you that our new auction CashForPenny will be launched in 4 days. But already now you have a chance to become a participant and get extra bonuses when we open --- just leave your e-mail on CashForPenny splash page and get a free coupon for 30% discount to purchase any bid package or 10 bids as a gift. It's up to you to chose. Don't miss this chance! We also give a 3 bids coupon to all our facebook subscribers as a gift. And you'll definitely get 2 bids for free while ...
  3. provides free resource for penny auction sites. opened recently with an idea to create a thorough directory site for all penny auction related content. The site features completely free link submission for those operating websites that are involved with the penny auction industry. With categories for penny auction sites, penny auction blogs and everything else penny auction, if your site isn't already listed, it should be!

    Stop over at and gain another valuable backlink to your penny ...
  4. Win Limit and Other Questions Answered

    Dear CashArena Users, Bidders, Fans and Friends,

    First off, we want to thank you all for a great start to our live launch! We hope everybody is having as much fun as we are! We understand that there has been some confusion and questions, which we would like to address in this newsletter.

    Win Limits
    Win limits are 3 wins a day, 10 wins a week. For two days we manually tried to enforce the win limits, mainly the weekly win limit. Obviously this did not work out ...
  5., the new cash penny auction!

    Go beyond penny auctions with more way to win!

    Cash Arena takes penny auctions to the next level where CASH is the prize. No waiting times, hassles, or shipping fees. Simply place a bid, win, and have money quickly deposited into your account! Only at Cash Arena is everyone a winner where “Coloritas” unlock exciting new games where you can win thousands!

    Signing up is quick and easy and customer support is readily at hand to help you open an account right away. While ...
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