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    Penny Auction Help Welcomes

    Penny Auction Help has yet another sponsor penny auction to welcome to the fold this month! We're excited to welcome penny auction SilverGoldBids to the list of supporting penny auctions that have chosen to participate in our penny auction forum! is geared, as you might imagine from their name, towards the penny auction sales of gold and silver items. They offer gold and silver coins, bars and more. They already have many auctions closed and a quick review of those auctions shows some great savings for their bidders. doesn't just deal in silver and gold though, you will find many of the sought after items that are being auctioned at standard penny auction sites in the listings at as well. Choose from products like gift cards to your favorite restaurant to Amazon and Walmart cards, or even Nook Readers and iPads!

    You will also find many of the auction types available at this penny auction site,... read more
    HelpMaster 12-07-2011, 01:16 PM
    HelpMaster introduces win limits on their free bidding site

    Free bidding penny auction site has just announced that they are incorporating some win limits to their site. So far this site has allowed unlimited free bidding with the purchase of a weekly membership. It appears that most of the auctions on the site have then been won by a very few of the subscribing members. staff advised that they are trying out these new win limits in an effort to keep the site moving in the direction that they intended with it's re-launch. also announced that they have again added more money to the initial "membership pool" and also hinted that they may be using HogitUp in the next few weeks to liquidate some inventory to make room for new items for HogitUp and their sister site

    With membership subscriptions priced less than most penny auction coupon bidpacks, offers a great value and lots of excitement for penny auction bidders.!

    Stop by today and check... read more
    HelpMaster 12-06-2011, 10:59 AM
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    This is a complete list of penny auction sites that have contacted Penny Auction Help and requested to be added to the directory. Please report broken links to us.
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    1. joelchrist's Avatar
      I would like to add, AJ Penny Auction Script , in this directory.
    1. BidBidz's Avatar
      We would like to add,, in to your directory.

      BidBidz Team.
    1. HelpMaster's Avatar
      BidBidz, you have been added . If you're interested in the link swap to get a URL there, let us know.

      AJ Penny Auction Script - sorry we missed this post. We only list penny auction sites in this directory. You can submit your service to the site though, it links for free as well!