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    More bids for less!!!

    Hello fellow bidders! Our promotion for bonus credit is still on! For a limited time, get bonus credits with every purchase of a credit pack! Here is how it goes: 25 credits (+25 bonus) 24.99...

    CoinQueen 12-14-2011
    CoinQueen and want to hear from you!

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask me here, on the forum, and I will be happy to answer them. You may not be the only one wondering! We also welcome your comments! Itís with your...

    CoinQueen 12-09-2011

    great items to grab on and!!!

    Have I told you before that was offering awesome items? We are doing it again with this 3D Plasma HDTV! Donít miss your chance! Auction is starting Today (Dec. 8th 2011) at 8:30pm (EST)!...

    CoinQueen 12-08-2011

    Your chance to put your hand on a laundry pair!

    Tonight on, your chance of bidding on a brand new laundry pair! The auction kicks off at 8:30pm (EST) today, Dec. 7th 2011. Donít miss your chance! Pack up on credits with our...

    CoinQueen 12-07-2011

    Bonus credits when you buy a pack!

    Good morning everyone! Join the fun at and (Canadian site)! The cheapest penny auction sites around to have fun and get those items you want! Low price...

    CoinQueen 12-06-2011
  • Major League Baseball promotion happening at

    Penny auction site has asked us to pass along some information to our Penny Auction Help visitors about their newest promotion. Big Blue is starting up a promotion to go along with the Major League Baseball Playoffs! All you have to do is drop by the Facebook page and comment with your picks for the winners of the MLB playoffs! is a customer friendly penny auction site and they are always offering great incentives and programs for their users. Here is what the Ragingbid team told us about this promotion:

    " This promotion will be ongoing throughout the playoffs. However the members cannot change their picks and the promotion bids will be only credited for games not yet played. Multipliers are based on the total bids purchased from the start of the promotion.
    Itís Friday and the means that itís the Night of the Matador! Itís also the start of the playoffs for major league baseball. So we have made an ongoing promotion just to make it more exciting (mostly for the girls) so we want you to pick the winners of the first four games, then the two division winners and then the World Series winner. The promotion will award you with 100 promotional bids for each team that you pick correctly, bids will be rewarded the day after each game. To make things even more fun if you purchase the minimum bid pack (50 bids) we will multiply the 50 promotion bids 4. Hereís where you can rack up some big bids, if you buy a 50 bid pack we will multiply your all your winning picks X2, and if you buy a 75 bid pack we will multiply all of your winning picks X3 and if you purchase any bid pack over 125 we will multiply all of your winning picks X4. So if you were to buy a 125 bid back and pick all of the games correctly you would receive 2,400 promotion bids. The membership is free because it is still in the development stage.
    We also want you to try to guess the scores of each game and this should be fun. The member that picks the closet scores for all four games combined in the Division Series will get a $50.00 Stub Hub gift card. The member that picks the closest scores for the Championship Series will get a $75.00 Stub Hub gift card and the member that picks the closest score for the World Series will get a $100.00 Stub Hub gift card. If there is a tie in any one of the picks we will combine the selection from the previous series to select the winner.
    If you purchase bids from 10:00AM to 11:59PM on 9/30/11 we will multiply your PROMOTIONAL BIDS X4
    RagingBid will also be running a X4 multiplier ALL day during this promotion, so If you purchase bids from 9:00AM to 11:59PM on 9/30/11 we will multiply your bid purchase with a catch, to get the X4 you have to purchase a minimum of a 50 bid pack and there is a cap of 750 maximum bids for this multiplier
    Donít miss out on the newest program on the farm itís called ďPiggy PassĒ and they only run twice a day.
    The Piggy Pass will be an auction that pops up throughout the week and members will have a chance to bid and win a Piggy Pass. The way it works is that you can apply your Piggy Pass to any auction that you lose and get 100% of the bids that you bid on that auction returned back to your account. Piggy Passes will be rare and hard to get, but for those members that go after large ticket merchandise they will be pennies in the bank. Donít miss out! "