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Thread: Beezid

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    Discussion thread for the penny auction site

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    What makes Beezid Different?

    From my experience, there are a few things that set beezid apart from other penny auction sites.

    First of all, they have struck the perfect balance between number of auctions and number of bidders. Some sites like quibids have, in my opinion, too many seasoned vets lurking around so it's impossible for a noob to score a deal on anything. Others (and this seems to be the more common problem) have so few auctions it's a yawn fest just waiting for something interesting to pop up.

    At beezid, there's an auction in its final countdown pretty much all the time, but these auctions are varied and interesting. The site itself is really user-friendly and allows you to sort the auctions into easy categories...which allows you to see that there really is something for everyone.

    I also rarely see such highly-valued gift cards...$600 cards to the Home Depot just make me happy.

    Best of all, if you're reading this, you probably don't have an account there yet. You can get 10 free bids just for joining--no cc info required! Unlike some other sites *cough cough, happybidday, cough cough*, these bids can be used on actual auctions, and the cherry-picker auctions for noobs ACTUALLY HAVE ITEMS YOU'LL WANT TO BID ON. Stuff like kindles and Paula Deen cookware and wireless surround speaker systems, in addition to the standard fare like gift cards and bid packs.

    Oh, and ps: if you use coupon codes "first" or "swim" you get up to $100 back on your first purchase. Free bids + free purchase price = best deal ever?

    Happy beezidding!

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    I haven't been in the penny auction game very long, but after my success on beezid. I think I will be hooked for life, haha. I've only been on the site a few months, and i've already won enough items to have me addicted. The best thing about it is that i've won atleast 2 of those items with bids I won from beezid's facebook contest, which zid has like 2-3 everyday. With these free bids, my cost per bid is at like 20 cents.

    I had an awesome win last time. I only used 52 bids, however all of them came from contest so I basically got if for free, minus the final cost. I won the item for only 3.59 plus 6.99 shipping. I was freakin estatic at my luck. It was an exciting auction too, I was in it from the beginning, but played it smart, and jumped in and out as others wasted all their bids, haha. One guy defiantly used atleast 100 bids, but using my snipers, I was able to wear them down. Eventually when they had to refill their autobeezid. I knew the time was perfect, and I jumped in and snagged the prize.

    So i suggest anybody who is into hasn't already checked out, to do so immediately. Also make sure to check out the facebook page for lots of free bids. :b Good luck !!

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    Lightbulb Memorial Day Madness at - Get Back Every Bid You Place!

    BEEZID is launching another AMAZING Penny Auction promotion this Memorial Day Weekend, where they will be GIVING BACK YOUR BIDS that you place on auctions you don't win, FREEZING AUCTION PRICES at 25% of retail, and having so much CRAZY FUN!

    I have to tip my hat to Beezid for their creative and well executed penny auction promotions. As most penny auctions are still trying to figure out how to get started, how to stay afloat or how to survive in the competitive industry, Beezid continues to INNOVATE and create new ways to entertain their users, offer unique shopping experiences, and simply have FUN! Beezid is truly one of the elite penny auction sites like no other.


    Take advantage of bigger savings than our usual amazingly low prices and get back every bid placed for 24 hours straight in honor of Memorial Day Weekend starting on May 29th at 09:00 pm EDT and continuing until May 30th at 08:59 pm EDT! In addition to risk-free bidding this promotion also features a price freeze at 25%, guaranteeing savings of 75-99% off retail on every auction with an “action time” between 09:00 pm on May 29th and 08:59 pm on May 30th.

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